.Awesome knitting sock pattern. This is why I need to learn how to knit also.

The Scent of Lavender pattern from Around the World in Knitted Socks: 26 Inspired Designs by Stephanie van der Linden, as shown in Ravelry

De link leidt naar een site waarvoor je je moet inschrijven, en daar heb ik een hekel aan. Maar het idee van zwart witte chevron socks in verschillende patronen spreekt me bijzonder aan.

Black and White Chevron Socks

Knit up a pair of socks in a bold two-tone chevron pattern. This intermediate socks knitting pattern creates some truly great-looking socks!

Ravelry: Project Gallery for 116-1 a - Winter Fantasy Jacket pattern by DROPS design

Ravelry: Project Gallery for a - Winter Fantasy socks Jacket pattern by DROPS…

Uzu sock : Knitty Deep Fall 2011

New sock pattern on Knitty - Uzu by Mary the Hobbit Looks great in Noro Taiyo sock yarn.

socks pattern

Rivercat sock : Knitty Spring+Summer 2011 by Brenda Patipa. The first pair of lace socks I knit were Tribute also by Brenda.

Uzu sock : Knitty Deep Fall 2011

Tools: 1 set US double-pointed needles OR spacer 1 long US circular needle for Magic Loop OR spacer 2 US circular needles for method; spacer stitch holder (optional) w

Käsityöohje: Rypytetty joustinneule, smokkineule, lyhde

Neuleohje: lyhde, smokkineule, rypytetty joustinneule - rakkaalla lapsella on…