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I'm not Finnish but Finland has thought me to be calm :-


Sisu ( Finnish word )- a sort of inner fire, a quiet force that keeps you fighting after most people would have given up. I wish you sisu.

"Huopatossut" - the Finnish felt boots.Put on the Valenki boots made in Finland and you are not cold.

Just about everyone in Hyennan old enough to walk wears felted wool boots to go outside in the deep winter. This is an example of the kind a lower-middle class person might wear (the cheapest ones are grey, undyed wool).

potkukelkka - kicksled

(A kick sled. Memories of using one in Finland the winter I visited.this is how my mother and relatives used to get to school during winters many years ago.

green forest. Photo: Miika Mikkola

This is a collection of Finnish lanscape photos from over 70 photos and photographers You may find from our photo stock.

I love Rautalampi

I love Rautalampi

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