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Easy Knitting

If you can do a gauge swatch, you can make these wristers! You just knit a square piece with a bit of ribbing then sew up the side leaving a hole for your thumb. I need to learn how to knit so that I can do this!

Settiin kuuluu: DROPS pitsineulehuivi ja pitsineulemyssy ”Eskimo”- tai “Andes”-langasta. ~ DROPS Design

Bohemian Rhapsody - Set consists of: Knitted DROPS scarf and hat with lace pattern in ”Eskimo” or “Andes”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Vinoraitakuvioiset DROPS myssy ja kauluri ”Polaris”-langasta. ~ DROPS Design

Cupcake - Knitted DROPS neck warmer and hat with spiral pattern in 1 strand ”Polaris” or 2 strands "Eskimo" or "Andes". - Free pattern by DROPS Design size 11 needles