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I wanted the Baby Groot to stand easily

Baby Groot Standing Flat Feet by richardtracy - Thingiverse

Exquisite 3D-printed decorative skull - Joshua Harker. "The little filigree 3d printed skull that became the #1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history & an icon of the 3D printed medium".

Filigree Skulls: We know that printing has come a long way, but had no idea how detailed and gorgeous the results could be. Artist Joshua Harker has designed and created a beautiful (and spooky!) collection of Filigree Skulls available over on Etsy.

3D Print Design - 3d printing

Printed Geeky Laughing Buddhas: What is the Sound of One Han Shooting? Tap into the force of Luck with Chris “muckychris” Milnes’ printed geeky Budai statues, which swaps the jelly bellied deity’s head with characters from Star Wars:

3dprinted Robot Linda maceta suculenta-sentado por XYZWorkshop

Cute Robot Succulent Planter Sitting Robbie the Robot Planter sitting. How will you personalize cute Robbie the robot planter by styling his hair with succulents, herbs or cactus? in sandstone, this cute figurine makes a great gift

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