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a hand is holding a light fixture with one arm and two lights attached to it
Katapult Design
a hand holding a green vase with holes in the middle and one flower on it
Hand-painted tablecloth in stoneware - Stoneware trivet - Andalusia (Spain) - trépied - dessous de plat en grès - Steinzeug-Untersetzer -
three mushroom shaped lights hanging from strings
an origami envelope hanging on the wall
Garden Hardware, Accents + Décor
apples and pears sit in bowls on a marble counter top, with the bowl shaped like a snake
Mammoth & minnow | Handmade Ceramics
instructions to make a vase out of paper
a white bowl sitting on top of a shelf
four bowls are stacked on top of each other
40 More Pottery Painting Ideas and Crafts - Bored Art