How to crochet, step by step!

Some basics in crochet for you, before I start showing you the pattern for the sisterhood crochet blanket squares

Fairly basic step-by-step on how to crochet. I already learned, but this is handy to have around.just in case I get a little rusty. :) by minnie

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A rather special kind of bookmark for all who love books, handmade of merino wool. About 24 cm long roughly - great childrens beginners felt workshop project to make to peek the interest of kids in felt craft

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A rope bracelet - reminds me of making friendship bracelets back in the day. My right second toe used to go numb because I'd hook the end of the bracelet over it, and then knot embroidery floss for HOURS.

Silly Scrap Snake Toy Sewing Pattern – Photo Tutorial | Funky Friends Factory

How-to-Sew Silly Scrap Snake stuffed animal photo tutorial from Funky Friends Factory.

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Simple fun way to get kids sewing--Free printable sewing sheets. Learn to handle the sewing machine by doing a maze and dot to dot, etc

I had a stuffed snake growing up named "Sneaky Snake."

We have truly talented and creative employees here at Fabric Center. This week, we had our lovely Lara Phillips share with us her own patter.

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Punomo - Tee itse - Neulonta - PEHMOPALLO KAHDESTA PALASTA