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a small potted plant sitting on top of a white stand next to a bed
the door is painted purple and has ornate designs on it, along with a gold tie
Ophelia's Dollhouse Door
there is a doll house with furniture and accessories in the room, including a china cabinet
Aida Pravia
an unfinished piece of wood sitting on top of a table
DIY Herringbone Wood Floors and Fabric Wallpaper Dollhouse Updates - Salvaged Living
the process of making paper leaves with scissors and other things to make them look like they are
Plante Verte DIY Facile pour Enfants et Adultes
an old fashioned hanging bowl with chains on the bottom and gold trimming around it
Unusual Dollhouse Hanging Lamp, With Green Lampshade,
a chandelier hanging from a gold chain
two silver candlesticks sitting next to each other
Lámparas de sobremesas
two silver candlesticks sitting next to each other on a counter top with one candle in the middle
Дом Мечты. Аксессуары и мебель своими руками часть 2 - Страница 83 • Форум о журнальных коллекциях Деагостини, Ашет, Eaglemoss, Modimio
an empty wooden box sitting on the floor
Dollhouse 1/12 Fireplace Mantel Tutorial Cottage Style