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a platter filled with cheese and crackers next to two wine glasses on a table
a cake with white frosting and cranberries on top sitting on a doily
Joulun britakakku | Reseptit | Kinuskikissa
2h 0m
some candles are sitting in a bowl with pine cones and flowers on the table next to a remote control
Moderner Adventkranz
christmas decorations hanging from a window sill
21 Nordic Christmas window decor with fir branches, a wooden star, sheer and silver ornaments, sheer stars and lights - Shelterness
someone using a knife to cut up some food on a cutting board with white and black sprinkles
Valkosuklaa-salmiakkikrokantti | Reseptit | Kinuskikissa
1h 0m
small desserts with white frosting and cranberry toppings on a plate
Pienet karpalo-kinuskipavlovat
there are some strawberries in the shape of clowns on a plate with toothpicks
a cake with white frosting and pomegranates on it sitting on a plate
Joulupavlova on suloisen makea ja sopivan kirpeä – siis täydellinen joulujälkkäri
4h 0m
four desserts in small glass dishes on a wooden tray with silver spoons and garnishes
Aromaattinen tyrni-pannacotta vie kielen mennessään
three glasses filled with orange and white desserts on a black cloth covered tablecloth
a christmas present wrapped in brown paper with a red pom - pom attached to it
Ecco 30 e + super idee per fare delle bellissime confezioni regalo, io sceglierei la n°15 è davvero deliziosa