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Cool Facts About Finland

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SUOMEN RAJAT-rauhat 1323-1944.
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Anjalanliitto-Suomen itsenäisyys Seppo Liukko 2007- 2009 (kesken)



Kansallispuistot: Kansallispuistot ovat kaikille avoimia nähtävyyksiä.

My people. A joke for and about  Finns: "How can you tell if a Finn is an extrovert?" <pause> "S/he is looking at *your* shoes."   (still looking at feet....but not own feet. Finnish slay.)
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Did you know that Finnish telecoms giant Nokia - based in the Tampere Region - began life as a manufacturer of rubber boots and tyres? Learn that and many other surprising facts about Finland on an infographic.