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some white and red cookies sitting on a table next to a brown pot with something in it
two decorated cookies sitting on top of a white table next to each other, one with a unicorn's face painted on it
Unicorn 🦄
Macaron, painted
there are many small macaroons on the table
Vanilla Macaron
some cupcakes and strawberries are on a black tray next to a candle
Meringue lovers
green macaroons with white icing and nuts on a table next to flowers
Pistachio Macaron
some cookies are in a pot on a table with shells and seashells around it
Saffron Macaron
Iranian Saffron
some cookies are sitting on a table with flowers and paint in the background as well
Saffron Macaron
From Iranian Saffron
an assortment of macaroons sitting in a metal tray on a table next to dried flowers
Vanilla Macaron