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a wooden table topped with paper flowers next to scissors and glue on top of it
Pollen Transfer: Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers - From ABCs to ACTs
fine motor pollen transfer - bumblebee preschool theme
the robot play dough is ready to be made into an adorable activity for toddlers
Robot Play Dough Invitation
a collage of photos showing the process of making a birthday cake with candles and candies
Invitation to Play - Poking and Balancing - Meri Cherry
a metal pan with leaves on it next to a sign that says finger gyr
Early Years ideas from Tishylishy
Sticky back plastic and autumn leaves. Pick them off in 1 minute
there is a sign on the table that says finger gym this week, the task is to pop it like you can't
Bubble wrap fine motor
a wooden table topped with a white colander and lots of colored straws
Early Years ideas from Tishylishy
This activity would be good for the physical development of preschoolers because they will learn motor skills on how to put the pipe cleaners threw the little holes on the strainers. I feel like this is an age appropriate activity because it seems like something they could do without being bored easily.
there are two pictures of scissors and spoons in a basket on the table with information about how to use them
Transporting marbles using different tools. Tea strainers, spoons, tweezers, tongs... Great maths opportunities. EYFS
the finger gym is organized and ready to be used
Pick up pipe cleaners with a magnet and use tweezers to remove the pipe cleaners.
Sprinkle Letter Sweep
there are several different types of font and numbers
Long Vowel Review. Write Missing Vowel. | Vowel Worksheets 87E