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the juice app is designed to look like it has fruit and vegetables on it, including berries
No Guidance~CB Fancfic - ~FOUR~
Travel Quest App - 05 - Onboarding
the app design for apple juice is designed to look like it has green apples and leaves on
Fresh e-commerce App
three screens showing different items in the app
Fruit app-two
two iphone screens showing the homepage and menus for a travel app, with an image of a beach in the background
mobile app login
the juice app is designed to look like it has been created by an iphone user
era_dink.png by Hippie Mao.
two smartphone screens displaying different types of drinks and beverages on the same screen, each with an app icon
Online Reservation App
three mobile app screens with oranges and other fruit items on them, all showing the user's options for ordering
Fruits And Vegetables
two mobile screens showing fresh fruits and an app with the price on each one side
two mobile phones with oranges on them, one is showing the user's profile
Shopping App
two mobile phones with food items on the screen and an app showing calculator plus
Calorie Plan Mobile App