Hill Cabin

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a wooden table with two bowls on top of it in front of a large window
Architects Holiday - Hill Cabin Views
What better way to spend breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the stunning views below our cabin.
a wooden table and chairs in front of a sliding glass door
Architects Holiday - Welcome Cake
We welcome every guest to our cabins with a freshly baked handmade cake.
a small shed with an outside patio and potted plants
Architects Holiday - Bothy Nook
Exterior bothy next to our wood fired hot tub. Look out over the rolling countryside whilst relaxing out of the elements.
a wood burning stove sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pile of logs
Architects Holiday - Cosy up to our wood burning stove this winter
a tea kettle sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a shelf filled with jars
Architects Holiday - Luxury cabin escapes
a kitchen with white walls and wooden floors has an old fashioned dishwasher in front of the sink
Architects Holiday - Cabin mini breaks in Sussex
a wooden bench sitting next to a window with a blanket on it's back
Architects Holiday - Eco wood fired hot tubs
a bowl filled with oranges sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Architects Holiday - Scandi cabin interiors