Life on the Farm

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a woman walking down a path in a garden filled with purple flowers and greenery
Architects Holiday - Fresh spring flowers on the farm
several people walking down a dirt path in the woods with their backs to each other
Architects Holiday - Weekend walks in the woods
a white truck parked next to a tree and some people in the back with backpacks on
Architects Holiday - Weekends away from the city
several horses in a field with trees behind them
Architects Holiday - Our Sussex Valley
a small white boat sitting on top of a river in the woods next to trees
Architects Holiday - Escape to the woods
an empty road in the middle of a grassy field with trees on both sides and a blue truck parked at the end
Architects Holiday - Plan your next getaway to the countryside
four people standing in the woods talking to each other
Architects Holiday - Long weekends with friends
a group of people sitting on the back of a truck in front of some trees
Architects Holiday - Rural escapes with friends
a person standing in the middle of a forest next to a body of water surrounded by trees
Architects Holiday - Wild swimming in our natural ponds
a small stream running through a forest filled with lots of green plants and tall trees
Architects Holiday - Nature abounds on the farm
two people are standing in the woods with their backpacks on and one person is using a tripod
Architects Holiday - Woodland management
an open field with tall grass and trees in the background
Architects Holiday - Wildflower meadows on the farm
a man holding a pair of scissors in front of a camera on a tripod
Architects Holiday - Planning our next cabin
a group of people standing next to a large tree in the middle of a forest
Architects Holiday - Eco travel in England