hot chocolate.

The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot cocoa (which is closer to drinking chocolate than hot cocoa) that is rich and delicious. I add coffee to my chocolate but looks very much like this image ;

strawberry shortbread ice cream.

Vegan Strawberry Shortbread Ice Cream

classic creamy hummus.

Classic Creamy Hummus

Nothing better than a Classic Creamy Hummus. Basic Ingredients for this Middle East dip: chickpeas, tahini, oil & garlic.

Granola with quince and yogurt | Cannelle et Vanille

Noosa yogurt two ways : roasted beets with Noosa yogurt and dukkah on toast + granola with quince applesauce and Noosa yogurt / Cannelle et Vanille

coconut matcha green tea latte with salted caramel sauce.

make your milkshake in it's glass! replace it w/ Coconut Matcha Green Tea Latte with Salted Caramel Sauce {vegan, grain free, gluten free}

cardamom rose iced latte.

Cardamom & Rose Iced Latte (Japanese Ice Coffee) - Home Cookin' ! Asian eats in a Japanese Home that "Turned Away" from Traditional Design .