Best Inspirational Quotes About Life QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote Life's lessons… finding out the eat shit and die part first. I will eventually crawl out of this hole and when I do…. watch the duck out!


I'm never going to be the girl who's OK with being controlled, and I'm never going to be the girl who's OK with being half loved. I'm also never going to be the girl who apologizes for those two things, ever again.

Souls tend to go back to who feels like home. N.R. Hart

connect heart to heart with a high level soulmate and you don't need a TF. the energy signature is not identical, but very similar.

Inspirational quote for all the bossbabes out there...

Once upon a time, you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you'd make real one day. Don't disappoint yourself.

Beautiful quote.

The faithful person knows it; the religious person interprets it. [QUOTE, Woman of Faith: 'She doesn't have a religion. Her faith resides in the stars, flowers, ocean, and herself.