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Colorful Corner Blanket | Purl Soho Alternate yarn: Super Tuff Puff at Knit Picks
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a bed with a colorful quilt on top of it next to pillows and a stuffed animal
a couch with a blanket on it in front of a window next to a wall
My Retro Daisy Quilt! Pattern from The Retro Quilter
a woman walking on the beach with a butterfly quilt
BLOG | Laundry Basket Quilts
two quilts with different designs on them, one is pink and the other is blue
a person standing next to a colorful quilt
Fireside Quilt Pattern: Color & Layout Variations - Suzy Quilts
four different images of women in denim jackets and jeans, with the words denim on them
Inspiration & Ideas for the Hovea Quilt Coat & Jacket - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog
Jumpers, Clothes, Cardigan, Sweaters
Nina Coat
a patchwork jacket hanging on a tree in front of a tree with leaves and grass
a patchwork jacket hanging on a wall next to a potted plant and a wooden hanger