Coisas que merecem ser salvas pela Clara

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book: she drives me crazy 🤍#shedrivesmecrazy #lesbian #wlw #aesthetic #basketball #cheer #cheerleading #book

A jogada do amor

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A hipótese do amor

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Como sobreviver à realeza

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Knives out🗡🔪👩🕵‍♂️🩸

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Art by @steelpencils on Insta
Livro: Todo esse tempo.

Todo esse tempo

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Sophie+Howl CITA doodles by vanipy05 on DeviantArt

O castelo animado

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Why have a rice bowl when you can enjoy crispy, breaded chicken and egg salad sandwiched between lightly fried rice patties?
Can't decide between chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies? Well, now you can have both PLUS a layer of oozy caramel, because we're nice like that.


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the tweet has been posted on twitter to describe what it's like
a drawing of two people dressed in black, one holding the other's back
Sophie and Howl
an image of some people and cats in different stages of being hugged by each other
Sophie+Howl CITA doodles by vanipy05 on DeviantArt
some drawings of people with different expressions on their faces and body, one is holding a child
two cartoon characters standing next to each other
hmc - first meeting by chirart on DeviantArt
a group of people standing next to each other with one holding the hand of another person
The greatest showman
two different pictures of people in the same room, one with long hair and another with blonde
Howl's Moving Castle
All too Well (Ken's Version) 💗
#ryangosling #emilyblunt #taylorswift