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Love this tens frames idea great for subitising, addition, subtraction & number facts. To make image clearer, I would leave a space between each row of boxes.

Apprendre la valeur des chiffres

Over 25 sets of themed count and clip cards. great for preschool and kindergarten math centers!


// It develops the mind very well, which is important in early childhood (development of nerve transmitters in the brain) .

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Airhockey (Van juf Anouk) Men's Super Hero Shirts, Women's Super Hero Shirts, Leggings, Gadgets

Airhockey Super Hero is an activity that children can improve hand eye coordination. This activity is great because children can lay on the ground so people with walking disability can play too.

masking tape maze - Google Search

“Duct Tape Maze” “ In the game, you can use the ball, hoop, balloons. With tape you can think of a lot of educational games for kids. For example, it can help to train the child’s gross motor skills.

This Pin was discovered by Day |

This Pin was discovered by Day |

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