DIY bouquet

DIY Tutorial: Fabric Flower / DIY Paper Flower Centerpiece – Bead - maybe with new fringe scissors

Matisse Cut Paper Fish art project. It is easy to do and very cool

Cute, easy, fast, and enjoyable for little ones - Matisse Cut Paper Fish art project.

zig zag houses 3-d paper

Zig Zag Paper Houses - Kids can make a whole paper village, then uses toy cars to drive through it! These look like they would also make great Fathers Day cards too! / lilla a:design

Gold Ribbon Dancers

Gold Ribbon Dancers

Jones - sound butterfly Attach bells with pipe-cleaners and can make the stick look like a butterfly if you like. (could also just stick the bells on a pipecleaner)

DIY Interlocking cardboard castle bricoler des jouets d'enfants ... pourquoi pas

great for Montessori dioramas like infancy narratives. DIY Interlocking cardboard castle for all little knits and princess