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Inspiration, Firearms, Steampunk, Weapons And Gear, Futuristic Cars, Artifacts
Fish Revolver - Model 009, Abdullahi
a large knife that is sitting on top of a table
Chopper Sketch, Ian Randall
two different types of knifes are on display
Design, Art, Metal Lighter, Shield, Futuristic Motorcycle, Armory, Axe
two tall red swords with gold decorations on them, one has a blue bird perched on it's tip
四季-悲秋(Feel sad about autumn), FuMin Wang
Instagram/ephellem #sword #fantasy #ai #Midjourney Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy Art, Dragon Sword, Sword Art, Sword, Sword Design, Fantasy Sword, Fantasy
Emerald Sword - AI concept art by Ephellem
Instagram/ephellem #sword #fantasy #ai #Midjourney
an image of two swords with vines growing out of the sides and on each side
Dragons, Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Blade
two swords are standing next to each other on top of a tree stump in the dirt
Marvel, Medieval Weapons
Ombre, Anime Weapons, Medieval
an image of a bow and arrows in the style of sci - fi art work
Toxic crossbow, Alexandre Coadou