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four colorful paintings hanging on the wall with clothes pins attached to them and some string
Fun365 | Craft, Party, Wedding, Classroom Ideas & Inspiration
Kids' Nature Wall Hangings from Oriental Trading
the cover of 30 fairy crafts and ideas is shown with pictures of different things in it
30 Easy Fairy Crafts and Activities for Kids
Lots of really fun fairy crafts full of pretty flowers, magical dust and tiny food.
an art project with leaves on pink paper
ABC and 123: Movement and Music--Skeletons/body!
three rocks with hearts painted on them and the words, grateful stones are in front of it
How to Make Gratitude Stones
Using Gratitude Stones to explore, share, and embrace an attitude of gratitude. — Fireflies and Mud Pies
two pictures with apples painted on them and one has an apple bag
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Stamped Apple tote
there are many small pots with grass growing out of the top, and one has a child's face on it
Springtime Science with Seeds
The plastic cup doesn't really fit into "nature craft" but this is too funny I gotta make it
some rocks are arranged in the shape of a dog's paw on top of a wooden
The 16 Least Useful DIY Projects Of Pinterest
One per kid with "Footsteps" poem Mod Podged on it? LAKE ACTIVITY
how to make a stone birdhouse made out of rocks and tin canisters
How To Make a Stone Birdhouse — Empress of Dirt
How to make a stone birdhouse | Empress of Dirt Don't you love it when someone takes you to a website that isn't the original blogger?! This is the original website which gives you a Print Page for the Instructions, too!
two white flowers with yellow centers on a wood paneled wall hanging from a hook
Sarı Göbekli Papatya Taş Pano - Atölye Arzu Musa - Sizin ve eviniz için az sayıda üretilen el yapımı objeler.
some rocks are laying on a wooden table and one has holes in the middle to make them look like they have eyes
A simple tutorial on how to drill holes through small beach or river rocks. Great site with tons of other crafts as well
a colorful bird sitting on top of a stone tree branch with stones in the shape of flowers
Wonderful Ideas For Painting Stones and Pebbles
Amazing Painting Stones and Pebbles --->
there are many fake eyes on the rock
rock concert :)
a piece of paper that has been made to look like a tree with leaves on it
TechSurgeons - Access Blocked
Autumn Tree Nature
a wooden bowl filled with lots of colorful beads
Why Don't You Make Acorn Cap Jewels
Acorn Cap Jewels
some beads are in a wooden bowl on a table
Acorn Bells- A Tutorial
three paper crowns sitting on top of a white table covered in flowers and leaves with trees in the background
Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids
Fall nature crowns and cuffs by Maya*Made
twelve edible flowers are arranged on top of each other in the shape of buttons and magnets
Pressed Flower Ornaments
Twig and Toadstool: Pressed Flower Ornaments
a mobile made out of pine cones and other items hanging from a branch on a brick wall
nature crafts - Google Search
twelve edible flowers are arranged on top of each other in the shape of buttons and magnets
nature crafts - Google Search
a snail made out of leaves on a black surface
Abschied & Danke - Meine Enkel und ich
autumn snail craft
an orange and yellow dragonfly sitting on top of a white surface with words above it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Leaf dragonfly photo. Colorful wall art collage. by APeacefulLeaf, $25.00
several different types of leaves and insects on a white surface
The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Bored Kids
Nature art
a vase filled with lots of leaves on top of a table
Abschied & Danke - Meine Enkel und ich
Herbstbaum - Natur Basteln - Meine Enkel und ich
an autumn wreath made out of leaves is shown with the words diy autumn leaf wreath
How to Make a Fall Leaf Wreath
How to Make a Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wreath
the process of making leaf prints on paper
16 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make With Fall Foliage
Make cards with leaf prints! Genius
two clear containers filled with leaves next to a candle and some berries on the table
DIY Leaf Luminaries are so gorgeous and so simple to make! Whether you have tiny tots or big kids this is a fabulous no-glue, no-mess must-do Fall craft.
a glass jar with leaves painted on it
16 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make With Fall Foliage
Okay, mom and I need to do this for like art class or something 0.0 IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!
an autumn tree collage art project for kids to make with paper plates and leaves
Autumn Tree Collage - NurtureStore
autumn tree collage art preschool :: great nature craft for fall :: fall tree craft
the art and science of leaf rubbings for kids to use in their artwork projects
Leaf Rubbing Activity | Nature Art Project
Try a few new ideas for making leaf prints and show kids some of the science as you create! #nature #stem
four different views of trees and animals in the air
Beautiful Leaf Crafts | Best DIY Ideas
This is one of my favourite piece of artwork. Children can create a lot of different pictures with a piece of helps expand their imagination.
a wooden bowl that has leaves on it
Leaves modpodged to a balloon, balloon then popped and removed. would be gorgeous as centerpieces.
a person holding a leaf in their left hand with dirt on the inside of it
Tutorials - Skeleton Leaves
How to make Skeleton Leaves with Washing Soda. Washing Soda is made by baking regular Baking Soda in a 200'C oven for 30 minutes -- (Who knew?!!) - Detailed Tutorial
three pictures of different types of leaves with dots on them and the same type of leaf
I love this!! I will do this one for sure this year!! Supplies: Leaves, glitter glue, embroidery hoop & hot glue !!
an arrangement of autumn leaves arranged on a wall with a branch in the middle and another leaf hanging above it
Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile
This watercolor leaf and branch mobile is totally gorgeous! Make your own leaves with watercolor paintings and emboss with Sizzix dies for a realistic look!
a group of different colored leaves sitting in the middle of a row next to each other
Leaves by color.
Color code the leaves. Framed these leaves would make a modern, seasonal wall art.
four different types of feathers are shown in this image, and there is only one feather left on the plate
How to Make Leaf Skeletons - The Idea Room
Add leaves to baking soda and water, boil, and then use the skeleton for your crafting needs!
two pictures with the words leaf casting on them and an image of leaves being cut in half
Leaf Casting with Plaster of Paris
A tutorial for leaf casting with plaster of Paris to create beautiful, 3-dimensional leaves. Do this now with supple, green leaves then paint with Autumn colors for awesome fall decoration...
a group of leaf masks hanging on a wall next to some leaves with eyes painted on them
Easy, Fun DIY Activities You Can Do with your Kids - Petit & Small
Easy, Fun DIY Activities You Can Do with your Kids- Petit & Small
a glass plate with leaves on it sitting in front of a window
Autumn Decor/Craft
Autumn Leaf Sun Catcher