bottle cap art.  this particular one is kinda lame, but i'm already collecting bottle caps to make something awesome.

i love this idea. cannot afford an original but maybe i can use up my own buttons for something sorta like this? Vintage Button Badge Heart Canvas by Brigitte Herrod via Rockett St George.

Bottle Cap Letters. Perfect way to incorporate my obsession with giant block letters into our beer-themed (yet tasteful) living room

Project 3 Week 3 – Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter

This is foil art -- made up of aluminum foil, beer caps, and salvaged wood.

Foil Art

Foil Art - Recyclart save foil that we use for mixing palettes and create this collaborative piece at the end of the year!

Smashed beer caps for Pam and Matt

Smashed beer caps for Pam and Matt