Josie’s 1st Birthday

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cupcakes decorated with pink and blue frosting are displayed on a plate in front of other cupcakes
Mermaid Cupcake Topper Decoration Mermaid Birthday Party, Mermaid Party Decoration, Mermaid Cake Topper, Under the Sea Party, Seashell - Etsy
a cake topper with a seahorse and starfish on it's number one
Topper de pastel de sirena, bajo el topper de pastel de mar, decoración de sirena, sirena púrpura, fiesta de sirenas, colas de sirena. - Etsy España
an image of a birthday party game with candy in a jar and cards on the table
Mermaid: Party Your Tail Off - Kid's Birthday - How Many Fish in the Sea Game
a blue and purple cake with sea shells on it sitting on a table next to streamers
custom mermaid clam shell acrylic cake topper | birthday | mermaid party | mermaid birthday cake | smash cake | mermaid theme