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a feather with the words hope is the featherer that reminds us we have wings
RamblingsoftheClaury on Twitter
an old typewriter with the words iron word written in black and white on it
New Year Resolution Quotes, Quotes About New Year, Year Quotes, Year Resolutions, Advice, Motto
Lifestyle Tips: 7 No-Fail Tricks To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions For 2020!
the words you were my cup of tea but i drink champagne now
a quote that reads, act like a lady think like a boss instyle on pink background
InStyles Quote of the Day: Unsere Lieblingssprüche für jede Situation
some people are worth melting for snowflakes on a black background with white lettering
Five on Friday: Loving Lately
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a handwritten quote on white paper that says those who don't believe in magic will never find it
Find magic. — Kristen DeLap
a quote that reads be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class
Text posters & prints | Posters with text
a poem written in black and white that reads, she was the type of girl the moon chased and the stars wish for
20 Powerful Quotes Teach Us That True Strength Comes From Within
an american charm quote with the words we are like a snowflake all different in our own beautiful way
2015 Feb 4
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