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Rick Owens - Black Leather Side Zip Jacket

See this and similar Rick Owens jackets - Rick Owens Black Calf Side Zip Jacket. Black matte calfskin leather jacket with off-center zip closure at front and an.

I found this poster, and think that it has been made so well. It is so simple yet the fine lines at an angle and straight give such an interesting effect of rain, or a bad thunderstorm the plain has just come out of.

the top heavy black cloud is balanced out by the lines creating the rain. the plane in the middle and the angle switch of the rain create a horizon line across the center.

I N T E R M I N G L E — satsuki shibuya

Intermingle by Satsuki Shibuya. A beautiful, delicate exploration of texture and colour and the mingling of colour. A classic example of Shibuya's minimal use of colour and shape to convey a sense of emotion and personal ideas.