Mac's First Birthday

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a glass jar filled with cookies sitting on top of a table
Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 8 of 31
Curious George 1st Birthday party |
various candy bars are laid out on a table with the packaging in front of them
Dollar Tree Fruit Snacks. Great favor/snack idea. Cut up box for Curious George table sprinkles!
a yellow birthday cake with a monkey on top and balloons in the shape of a firetruck
Curious George cake I created. Covered with marshmallow fondant. Find it at
there is a decorated cake with cookies on the table next to it and an image of a bear
Curious George Cake | Cake by Felicity Cook
there are three small bottles on the table
Curious George Birthday Party Ideas
Curious George bubbles | Curious George Party ideas from
bananas in a bowl on a table with a sign that says banana split bar next to it
Curious George Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 18 of 43
Curious Gabbie's 2nd Birthday |
a red bucket filled with water bottles sitting on top of a table
Curious George Birthday Party -- Free Printable's!
Curious george PArtay
a birthday cake and cupcakes on a table
1-year old Curious George party! Curious George style w/banana pudding cake, cupcakes, and smash cake--that includes a moist banana cake, real banana pudding filling and Nilla wafers.
there are many small cakes on the shelves in this room, including carrots and cake bundts
Curious George Yellow Hat twinkies
an assortment of desserts on a table with candy bars and cupcakes in the background
Curious George Party ...the red and yellow streamers and dessert tree
there is a bowl full of bananas next to a chalkboard with the word banana chips written on it
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17 Cute Monkey Themed Baby Shower Ideas 2023