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Arttu Volanto

Arttu Volanto
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I really like this design. It uses the simple ocean design then adds to it. The scene is flipped within a bubble and added to the original photo without adding clutter. --- Clearly a digital collage but still looks clean and proffessional

Style matters (don't know who made this, found it on my iPad)

Styles, 100 Characters” is a grid of drawings by Finnish artist Jaakko Seppälä that depicts 10 beloved comic strip characters in the style of 10 different cartoonists. The chart makes for some .

DIY ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle Wrap Turns Old VW Camper Into R2-D2 | Bored Panda

The only thing cooler than a vintage Volkswagon bus is one that is completely refurbished and decorated to exhibit some badass level of fandom.