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Knitted Mittens of Nica, Kurzeme province, Latvia

Hello All, Today I am going to concentrate on a piece of clothing that might be surprising, mittens. Knitting has become a strong piece of the craft history of the northern peoples, in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and even among the Komi of North Russia. In many of these places, it is common to see people dressed up in the traditional costume with a pair of knitted mittens tucked into their sash or belt.Among the slavs one does not see this, typically mittens are sewn of sheepskin or…


Animal Walks Early Learning P K | Plants | Flowers

Animal Walks Early Learning P K - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

Reigi kindakiri, Estonia - müsste auch als Stickmuster funktionieren

Reigi kindakirjad

– Selle lehe sisu on täiendamisel. – Mustri printimiseks isiklikuks otstarbeks klikka pildil (muster avaneb uues aknas) ja pane see printima. Kui muster on paberist suurem, kasuta printimisel vähen…

Kuviolliset DROPS sukat ”Fabel”-langasta. Koot 35 - 43. ~ DROPS Design

Irish Dream / DROPS 143-33 - Ilmaiset neuleohje DROPS Designilta

Kuviolliset DROPS sukat ”Fabel”-langasta. Koot 35 - 43.

Community wall photos

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Latvian Mittens DIY Pattern  knitting kit

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