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the words in french and english are arranged on a table with red letters that spell out different
Don't always say FÉLICITATIONS in French 🇫🇷
Don't always say "J'aime" in French ❤️🇫🇷
Try these alternatives instead 👇 - Je kiffe (informal : I love it) - Je trouve ça genial ! (I think it's great!) - Je suis content(e)de (I'm happy that) - J’apprécie (I appreciate) - Je suis ravi(e) (I'm delighted to) Want to impress your French-speaking friends with your language skills? Our online course will teach you new words and expressions that will help you communicate more effectively and confidently! 🚀
Don't always say "DÉSOLÉ" in French 🇫🇷
Here are some alternatives: 🥺 Excusez-moi 🥺 Veuillez m'excuser 🥺 Je suis navré(e) 🥺 Je me suis planté(e) 🥺 C’était une erreur de ma part. 🥺 Je le regrette profondément (watch the video for the translation) Do you know any other ways to apologize in French? 💬 Did you know that a rich vocabulary is key to mastering any language? Join our online course and discover how to improve your French with new words and phrases 🤓📚
Don't always say "MAIS" in French 🇫🇷
the french language for aller is shown in pink and blue, with different languages
the french language is used to describe what people are talking
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the french language poster with words in different languages and arrows pointing to each other, on a white background
the french language poster shows different types of dogs
a woman is shown with the words in different languages on her face, and there are other
there are many different types of weather in the world and it's not raining