Golden Orange Sunrise. Wow!

Summer Colours And Rays by Rhys Pope showers and the sun peeped through the clouds overhead as it dipped down in the sky to reveal some fantastic colours and some god like rays…

These are gorgeous! kn

When in doubt about which Feng Shui element is represented by your objects.these are glass/Water + orange/Fire & Earth + round & reflective/Metal.notice what stands out more: color, shape or material.these are all Fire/Earth orange!

Sea Reflections, Turkey

Sea Reflections, Turkey – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World


Orange Textures and Patterns, Hadramawt, Yemen by cetacea (Accent Table theme)


Beauty is certainly a soft, smooth, slippery thing, and therefore of a nature which easily slips in and permeates our soul.