Purple Forest - can't my whole world just be different shades of purple? from periwinkle to lavender to deep dark purple!

Purple forest

Purple forest♥ Makes me think of a special someone. - I wish I was lost in this beautiful purple forest with you now, laying in the light, without a problem in sight.

.Macro Photography/just one drop

New amazing flowers pics every day, be the first to see them! Fantastic flowers will make your heart open. Easily get in a great mood and feel happy all day long!


Having a little fun with water and my flash again. I should add that except for cropping and a slight exposure adjustment, this is SOC -- no color pumping or anything. I "gelled" my with a bottle of purple dish soap.

Purple Vintage Books with a Key Bookmarker. I ♡♡♡ the skeleton key as a bookmark!