"I wish to live a life ...that causes my soul to dance in my body" ~ Dele Olanubi

"I want a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body" -Dele Olanubi

black. wall.

black painted wood / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / art /

black on black on black

black leggings/shoes-- check black skirt --check peasanty blouse or cool baggy black sweater? must work on this Man what a gorgeous look!


It is by pure coincidence that we exist on a planet and in a time when our star, the Sun, is covered exactly during total eclipse. No other known planet has total eclipse and at some point in the future they won't occur on Earth either.

Ralph Lauren

On my wish list - Coat - Ralph Lauren - Fall 2010 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


Street, Road, Path, Black and White Photography pinned with - www.me pinned with Bazaart

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography - black feathers

A window at Masjid ar-Rifa'i in Cairo.

Elegantly carved wood window screen in ar-Rifai mosque, Cairo, Egypt


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