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Leona Henry

Helsinki, Finland / Book lover, avid reader, book blogger, author, realism artist, pagan,fantasy literature aficionado, role playing gamer, medievalist, history buff.
Leona Henry
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Fingolfin by Mathia Arkoniel

silmarillion: Fingolfin by MathiaArkoniel So, Fingolfin … I just … his legs are so long! [[MORE]](So, this is Fingon’s dad. He’s pretty awesome in general. He led his people across the Helcaraxë. Also, he’s awesome because he challenged Morgoth to.

steampunktendencies:  Julie Dillon

Scholars' Tower by juliedillon on deviantART. I have to say that Julie Dillon is one of my favourite artists. Libraries, cats and strange bronze machinery - what is not to like?

Magnus's least favorite alchemist, Agrippa Thoth, happens to boast an amazing library.

Who Do, Voodoo? by Rochelle Staab (A Mind For Murder Mystery . Some readers may be put off by the Voodoo/occult aspects of this one, but I found it interesting.

People say magic isn't real, to me you just aren't looking close enough.

At last I had a bit of time and inspiration to do a manip I am now making my prints available on DA for the first time, so if there are any pictures you. The Secret Door

King of the Valinorian Noldor by EKukanova

Arafinwe War of Wrath, Tol Sirion watercolor, This is an illustration for fan-novell by Eilian: Just under his feet, the grass was g. King of the Valinorian Noldor