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an image of a large machine that is being constructed into a piece of blue wire
Digital Twin Technology Build a Virtual Model of Service
two men are standing in an industrial factory looking at something on the screen that is projected over them
От «цифровой зрелости» к цифровой трансформации электросетей
Big Data, Ac Service, System Restore, Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Office Programs, Quantum Computer
SAP BrandVoice: How Industry 4.0 Boosts Productivity And Profitability In Intelligent Factories
a man in a blue suit is using a tablet computer to work on an assembly line
What Does a Mechatronics Technician Do in their Everyday Duties?
a man standing in front of a machine with blue lights on it's side
Digital Enterprise
two men looking at an object in a lab
Augmented reality brings VR to the real world in all sorts of exciting ways
two hands are holding an ipad and pointing to the screen that is on top of a machine
Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0 - A Great Gimmick or Potential Industry Changer?
an assembly line in a factory with instructions on how to use the machine for making rolls
How AR in the workplace can enhance training
a person is holding up a tablet with an image of a robot on it's screen
AR And VR In The Utility Sector