Anna väliaho

Anna väliaho

Anna väliaho
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sketch by Jylian Gustlin Really like this style of figurative drawing

When I was around twelve I tried to learn to draw, but then something else stole my attention. When I see Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook I fee.

Teller of Fortune by brooklyndolly on Etsy

Brooklyndolly gm Giclee Print Original Digital Illustration on Enhanced Fine Art, Archival, Acid Free Paper with all around 1 white border. All Prints are signed and titled by the artist and have signature red string added.

“EVE PARADISE LOST” aka Crouching Woman    Original Art, Nude Art Female –…

Villafaña Art - Marcy Ann Villafana Figurative Fine Art - Custom Art, Commissions Charcoal Conte Illustrations Cut Paper, Paper on Paper works and Acrylic Paintings