Stockholm Sweden~

Stockholm is a stylish and civilized city… A Unique City Shaped By Nature. The best time to have A Taste of Stockholm (June) is in the summer. Stockholm-Sweden is world famous for being stunningly beautiful.

Aurora Volcano di Balsfjord, Norwegia.

✯ Volcan de Auroras Boreales (Aura Volcano) - Balsfijord, Norway - This photo was taken in Balsfjord (Norway).Northern Ligths appeared behind the mountains in the another size of the fjord, spectacle was amazing because lights seemed a volcano.


Eikesdalsvatnet is a lake in Nesset Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway - by Max River

wikitravel norway @Thibaud Macken (is lezen)

Lodalen, a valley in Stryn municipality, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway.

De Rauma spoorbaan tussen Dombås en Åndalsnes, Noorwegen - Foto: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway

The Raumabanen railway line crosses the Rauma river in Romsdalen valley, far below - Photo: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway

Preikestolen (Norwegia)

Funny pictures about Pulpit Rock in Norway. Oh, and cool pics about Pulpit Rock in Norway. Also, Pulpit Rock in Norway.