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a piece of paper with the quote men would go extinct without women to code them
Powerless | Lauren Roberts | Kai Azer + Paedyn Gray
a book cover with an image of a flower on it
The prison healer
a book cover with an image of a woman reading and the words i'll battle your demonss for you
The blood traitor - quote
a blue background with the words she had survived now it was time for her to live
Kiva - The Blood Traitor ♥
an illustration with the words i'm sorry you lost your family, but i'm glad you're part of ours now
The blood traitor - Quote
an abstract blue and white background with a quote
two people are sitting under the stars in the night sky with words written below them
The blood traitor ending
Writing, Mafia, Prison
The prison healer header
a piece of paper with an image of a demon on it next to a book
a dirt road surrounded by trees with a quote on it that reads, that's right you're not a victim you're a survivor
a quote that reads writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people's minds by using words of black and white
Pretty things
a poem written in cursive writing on white paper with black ink that reads, to the girl who reads by flashlight who sees dragons in the clouds
Epic Reads