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an image of a black, yellow and grey striped background with text that reads color theory
platoniromantic flag
a black cat surrounded by green, purple, and blue bubbles on a rainbow striped background
a cat with big eyes on a pink and yellow striped background
an elephant with two circles on it's face
✦ Joystimmic !
a purple spider sitting on top of a blue and white striped background with the flag of costa rica
Mooncatgender! (Coined by me)
an image of a circular object with clouds in the background
a cartoon character floating in the water
a purple and black striped background with the letter c in it's center surrounded by smaller letters
✦ Comfinoctic !
a rainbow colored background with a paw print on the front and side of the image
an image of a cat with saturn in the background
Fictional Characters, Gay, Neo, Random, Media
Sayoriic !!