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Sanna Balbatsu

Sanna Balbatsu
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#Earthhour2015 28March 8:30PM Use #yourpower to change climate chance #wwf #ews-wwf #earthhourofficial

Hang in there Baby panda 🐼 Photo by @ Muhammed Alam Tag your best travel photos with “ Find cheap flights, Best Hotel Deals, car rentals, insurance,.

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There's a lot of foods you need to know if you have an American bully. This Guide will help you choosing the foods for American bully dogs

Africa | Massive bull elephant decided to scratch an itch. Photo taken by Armand Grobler, a field guide and lodge manager in the Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

In this photo released Wednesday, August an elephant relieves an itch on a small car in South Africa's Pilanesberg National Park. The two passengers in the car were shaken up but not injured. Someone finally found a good use for a VW!