Puzuri & saulītes / Himmeli / Šiaudų sodai / Pajaki / Соломенный паук / North European straw mobiles

Puzuri are made of reeds or straws threaded onto yarn or twine in cascading, nesting and concentric octahedral/pyramidal arrangements (sometimes also other polygons). Feathers, tufts of colored yarn (usually red) and blown eggs may be added. Latvians and Finns make them for winter solstice, while Lithuanians do it for spring equinox. Saulītes (Little Suns) are small potatoes pierced with dried sedges and grasses. Both are hung from the ceiling during the festivities. "Straw spiders" in Russian.
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natural straw modern himmeli ornaments

natural straw modern himmeli ornaments *make this for the airplant*

光と影。太陽と月。火と水。静と動。そして天と地。 相対を結ぶヒンメリは調和のしるしとして、そして国境を越えてさまざまな人々の想いや祈りが込められた「祈りの結晶」として、今でもずっと大切にされ続けています。

光と影。太陽と月。火と水。静と動。そして天と地。 相対を結ぶヒンメリは調和のしるしとして、そして国境を越えてさまざまな人々の想いや祈りが込められた「祈りの結晶」として、今でもずっと大切にされ続けています。

Lithuanian hanging decoration of straw is a very old, traditional Lithuanian handicraft.

Himmeli, suuri

Originally Himmelis where made out of straw but this Himmeli is wooden, made out of Finnish Birch plywood. It is laser cut in Finland. Designed by Elina Mäntylä.