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Fantasy Characters, Monsters & such...

Other character inspirational drawings can be found on the goth board.
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Three daily update! Two new character designs and outfit designs for Eulia.
게임원화, 아틀란티카 온라인, 캐릭터원화 세번째 자료 폭탄!!!! 게임원화 공부하는 잇님들 안뇽! 저번주엔...

Egyptian themed Characters & Creatures

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James Gurney
James Gurney Illustration - Dinotopia


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Thorin and Company were a group of thirteen Dwarves, the Wizard Gandalf, and the Hobbit Bilbo...
Party of 5 Undercity dungeon story
Dungeons and Dragons characters commission by NikuSenpai

Adventuring Parties

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vikings - aslaug                                                                                                                                                                                 More


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ArtStation - Eric Martin

Commoners & NPCs

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ArtStation - 速途, 王 不多
slugette: “ Edmond Trevelyan for @sluah Finished version of what I posted as WIPs yesterday.. Gave him an armor since bare shoulder was just boring. :) ”

Portraits (Faces, etc.)

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No one knew much about her before she came to join the Order, but there were rumors. Some said she was a simple circus performer.
You wake up in a dungeon, roll perception — fantasyartwatch: Harvest by Livia Prima
spassundspiele: “Arwen Nightbreeze by Ina Wong ”

Elves, Drow & Half-elves

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Fantasy Character Art for your DND Campaigns - Album on Imgur
Commission for hammerulfarks!
inspirecompetence: “ Nyt concept for klaatukatt ”

Orcs, Half-Orcs

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Painting is now done! Read lots of fantasy books lately and really wanted to paint some blue skin 😁 Hope you guys like it! #digitalpainting #illustration #fantasyart #painting #instaart #magic #demon #myart


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Dwarf Berserker by jlewenhagen.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dwarfs, Halflings & Gnomes

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Sock yarn club - MYTHICAL CREATURES, Yarn of the month club, YOTMC,fingering weight yarn,toad hollow


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ArtStation - Characters for Maguss, Alexey Yakovlev
Rpg Character Art: Photo

Magii & Clerics

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warrior_2_by_wlop - Digital Paintings by Wang Ling
Ranger Marina (detail) by Alexandre Mokhov For Guild Of Heroes...

Rogues, Rangers & Druids

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ArtStation - Paladin Evangeline , Yuhong Ding
Commission Emera by Spacefriend-T on DeviantArt

Warriors, Barbarians

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A still of Axelle Carolyn from the film Centurion
Still of Olga Kurylenko in Centurion, a Pictish woman warrior

Mounted Warriors

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Slawomir Maniak Concept Art
Female Human Monk Rogue Red Hair
Nome: Nara Raça: Humano Classe: Lutador Nivel: 12 Força: 4+1 habilidade: 5 Resistencia: 4 Expressão: 2 Sabedoria: 3 P.D.F: 1 vtg: Técnicas: 6 Amputar Desarmar Calar Cambalhota do Macaco Ataque Perigoso crit 5, 6 MakiWara

Monks, Mystics

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"Would you kindly" give me your best tavern music - 9GAG

Bards, Belly Dancers

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