Lagertha from series Vikings style Armour / Photos by Antti Karppinen

Made by Bard & Jester Workshop / Special screen accurate style / Fan Art made
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Lagertha, Chain Mail, Vikings, Armour, Armors, Projects, Chain Letter, Body Armor, Chainmaille

Viking Armor, Lagertha, Photo Displays, Armors, Chain Mail, Vikings, Chain Letter, Chainmaille, Body Armor

Lagertha, Vikings, Armour, Body Armor

A Viking Lagertha Cosplay Photoshoot Is One Hell Of A Birthday Present

It all started as a joke. When watching Vikings (History channel’s hit show on HBO Nordic) together with my wife, I pointed out several times that she seemed to share both the looks and a similar attitude.

I Photographed My Wife as the Viking Shieldmaiden Lagertha