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The equestrian life. From equestrian apparel, horse tack and equipment to managing time with horses and family. Includes horse riding tips for the horse lover…
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two horses standing next to each other in a field with text overlay that reads, 48 best horse blogs
Ultimate Guide to the 48 Best Equestrian & Horse Blogs in 2021 - Listenology by Elaine Heney
There so many great horse blogs out there! Discover the 48 best equestrian & horse blogs with our ultimate guide!
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I need all of this! 🤨These equestrian shops are so easily accessible on Amazon. These equestrian amazon finds are a must have! #equestrianclothing
a white horse with the words best horse books you should read in front of it
20 Best Horse Books Everyone Should Read
a brown horse standing next to a wooden box with the words, first horse essentials checklist
First Horse Essentials - Checklist
A new horse owner needs a lot of stuff. This article has the full checklist of horse keeping essentials for the beginner equestrian. Find out the exact list of things you need to keep a horse at home. If you’re bringing your new horse home to your horse farm to begin an equestrian lifestyle, you need this list! This first horse checklist will tell you how to set up your horse property for healthy horses and your horse lifestyle.
the cover of pony mom 101, featuring an equestrian's legs and boots on top of a horse
Pony Mom 101 - Equitation Basics Explained - The Plaid Horse Magazine
Equitation is known as a good, secure position, and it’s the single most important thing your child will learn. This article is an in-depth look into the world of Horse showing for new moms. The equestrian show world is a huge one- it's best to be prepared!
a brown and white horse standing on top of gravel
15 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Horse - Seriously Equestrian
a woman standing next to a wooden fence with a saddle on it and the words, no horse, no problem tips to be a better equestrian
How to Be an Equestrian Without a Horse of Your Own - Savvy Horsewoman
Don't own a horse and trying to become a better horseback rider? Here are our top tips to become a better equestrian when you do not own a horse.
a person riding a horse with the words how to stop bouncing and sit at the center
Perfect Your Canter: Tips & Exercises to Avoid Bouncing"
Discover the key to a balanced and bounce-free canter. From understanding horse motion to refining your seat, get all the expert insights in one place. 🐴 #HorseRiding #CanterGuide #EquestrianJourney #RidingExercises #EquestrianTips #CanterTips #HorsebackRiding #JoyfulEquestrian #NoMoreBouncing #CanterImprovement #EquestrianLife #HorseTrainingTips
a woman riding on the back of a white horse with text overlay that reads 13 ways to get better at horse riding from home
How You Can Improve Your Riding Skills Without A Horse
Sometimes you need to get creative when you want to get better at riding horses but you don't have a horse to practice on. In this article you will find 13 things you can do to improve as an equestrian right from home. #horseridingathome #horsebackriding #horses #horseriding #horselover
a man riding on the back of a brown horse
Teach Your Horse to Neck Rein (Step-By-Step Guide)
a horse in a stall with the words cost of keeping a horse at home on it
Real cost to keep a horse at home - 1 year
How can I do horsekeeping on a budget? Is it cheaper to board a horse or keep a horse at home? What expenses are there for a horse at home? If you dream of an equestrian lifestyle with a horse in your backyard, this is a must-read to understand the costs of a small horse farm. This is where a new horse owner can find a real-life cost of horse ownership.
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse next to an orange horse with text overlay reading horse riding confidence tips
Horse riding confidence tips | Elaine Heney Horses
Want to improve your horse riding confidence levels? Find out how groundwork for horses can help & the best rider confidence courses for you.
a brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field next to a white sign
11 ways to build up your horse’s topline - Seriously Equestrian
a woman riding on the back of a white horse with text overlay that reads 7 secrets to riding with confidence
7 Secrets to Riding with Confidence
a woman milking a white horse with the words 7 ways to show your horse you love him
7 Ways To Show Your Horse You Love Them