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Reclining (+ some swivel and/or glide, too) ~ Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs
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Make your living room cozier in a snap.
Nothing like making your relaxation space this cozy for the holidays. We can’t stop watching this transformation. ​ Furniture Featured: James Sectional in Yellowstone Walnut
Low Energy? Recharge on the Maddox.
Hidden storage for blankets, plush cushioning, and lots of space to stretch out. You could say the Maddox Reclining Sectional is a wireless recharging station for humans. 🤣
Helps all your guests get comfortable.
The James Reclining Sectional is the host with the most room and is ready to entertain your guests all holiday long. The problem is they might never want to leave, and we don’t blame them.
Short Leg Chairs
We hear you in our comments, short leg chair fans! And now it’s time to get bold and beautiful. Make an eye-catching statement by choosing short leg chairs to anchor your space and add a strong presence to any room. Featured: Roscoe Duo Reclining Chair, Bennet Duo Reclining Chair, Natalie Chair, Draper Chair
a tan leather reclining chair in a living room with the words la z boy above it
The Dora Chair: Your room's perfect match.
Whether kicking back and reclining or pulling up a chair for a good chat, we've got just the thing to spice up your living room. With an inviting silhouette and range of premium fabrics and leathers, the Dora Chair will be your new favorite seat.
the riley chair in autumn is available for purchase at la z boy, and it's up to date
A Comfortable Work of Art: The Riley Chair
Get ready to make a bold statement with the artful and showstopping Riley Chair that also reclines! Full of stylish personality with its inviting curves, sleek legs, and flared arms, it’ll command attention anywhere you put it. Show off your most comfortable work of art with our customizable fabrics.
a chair sitting in front of a fire place
The Ferndale Chair: Your style, your way.
What better way to show off your good taste? Freshen up your living room with custom fabrics that make the Ferndale Chair all your own.
a living room with furniture labeled in english and french words, including reclining chairs
A Living Room Relaxation Haven​
If your love language is comfort, we’ve got some modern pieces that will help you relax while looking good at the same time! Create a relaxation haven with the Lennon Recliner & Sofa, and Hammary Gibbs Coffee Table.​
Customize the Soren Rocking Recliner
There are two kinds of people in this world: The ones who recline automatically and the ones who recline manually. Luckily, you can customize the Soren Rocking Recliner either way for your living room. 😊 Choose one with a wireless remote or standard handle.
a living room with a gray recliner and white rug
Destinee Recliner
the la z boy power rocking recliner in montana camel is on sale for $ 599
Customize the Turner Rocking Recliner
Do you prefer warm or cool tones in the living room? Pick either with our variety of customizable fabrics and leathers! The Turner Rocking Recliner looks great in both, so choose to your heart’s desire.
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier
The James Sectional: Laidback comfort.
How do you like to get comfy? The James Reclining Group comes in multiple configurations including sectionals, sofas, loveseats, and more. A wide array of fabrics and leathers invites you to lay back and relax your way.
the la z boy reclining chair is shown in brown leather and has a logo on it
Customize the Trouper Rocking Recliner
No two Trouper Rocking Recliners are the same. Why, you ask? Well, you can recline your way with a manual handle or a power button. Plus, it's got a wide range of customizable covers to choose from. See it in Intermingle Walnut, I-Northwest Sable, and Lynx Cement.
a living room with a chair and fireplace
La-Z-Boy Midtown Low Leg Power Reclining Chair
Midtown Low Leg Power Reclining Chair