Smoke screen

Trash beauty, filth style, dirty pristine! Sexy violence. EARTHLY HELL! Romantic heartbreak!
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irene-eroticfanzine: “Ada Hamza’s work tastes of holidays when summer doesn’t seem to want to come out… Freshness, brigthness & softness. The perfect match for this talented photographer from.

Young Turks

A couple wearing gas masks walk at a street between Taksim and Besiktas in Istanbul on June (Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images)


The Liquid Serpent by Nicolas Janowski on FotoVisura

Learn from it!

Illustration from the science magazine Galaksija and by Russian artist Nikolai Lutohin.


A few weeks ago we got an email from the people at Unpiano Books telling us about a new collection of photos they were about to release by a fellow named Arthur Pollock.