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Guinea Pig Cage Ideas | Guinea Pig cage ideas

*dont have to go this far but handmade tents have got to be better than taht plastic igloo I keep seeing* Gorgeous Guinea Pig Tepee. She'd probably chew on it though.

Dwarf and Syrian Hamster Jungle Gym with by CraftyCrookshanks

Handmade craft stick hamster jungle gym and accompanying, detached ladder! I love making toys for my hamster. She gets a kick out of having

Simple and Easy Ways to Accessorize a Rat Cage

Rats are very intelligent animals and thus need interesting cages and toys to keep them stimulated. Even if you do not own any tools, know how to sew, or have much time to build anything fancy, there are still many simple and easy ways to.

Ratty Wood Swing (Rat-Chinchilla-Guinea Pig-Hedgehog-Hamster-Mouse-Ferret-Degu)

Ratty Wood Swing (Rat-Chinchilla-Guinea Pig-Hedgehog-Hamster-Mouse-Ferret-Degu) - I think my chinchillas would love chillin' in this.