Christmas ornaments - as a gift, make from a recycled page from a favorite book or sheet of music? Or a copy of the page of a book if you can't bring yourself to cut one up, like The Christmas Carol

ball with old book pages and glitter. Could be really pretty with old Christmas carol sheet music as well.wish I had not gotten rid of all my old books!

Have a white Christmas, I did this in 2010 in New York, it was a cold Winter, one cold Winter more than a 100 years. It was so cold, I couldn't take it being from the west. My soul mate is the sun.

The glow of lanterns. would love lanterns like this along my driveway - a nod to the Dickens Christmas Carol

i'm dreaming of a white christmas.

Christmas white decoration ideas are very extremely unique and rare, they gives your house a light and airy feeling full of depth and dimension of winter white.

A northern christmas.

LOVE and miss chi town I love public parks in the winter. So pretty when they get all decorated up. Here is Watertower Place, Chicago, Illinois

House of She: 10 Festive Mantel Alternatives

I LOVE the idea of stockings on Mommy and Daddy's bed. They come snuggle first thing and open stockings then on to the tree!if we have a bigger bed before Christmas, I like this idea.

Christmas Bunting

swallowtail We have bee n making printable bunting for ages, all in the pennant style, but recently and now with th is Vintage Deer Collec.