I don't necessarily like the item pictured, but I am addicted to the iridescent colours. I've always loved opal, abalone, crystals, carnival/depression glass…
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a pink chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Luxury Furniture and Stylish Home Decor
Chandelier w/ Opal Pink Crystals #girls #lighting #nursery
many different colors of beads are arranged together
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Nostalgia Mix
many different colors of beads are shown in this image and it looks like they have been made out of glass
Enom Status
Swarovski Crystal, 4mm Bicone, Peacock Mix
a glass plate with an intricate design on the center and bottom, sitting on a white surface
Carnival glass ...
a pink glass candle holder sitting on top of a table
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beautiful carnival glass bowl
a decorative glass jar sitting on top of a doily next to a purple plant
antique glass
Harvest Blue Carnival Glass
two black vases sitting next to each other on a table
Carter's Price Guide to Antiques and Collectables
Pair of amethyst carnival glass vases
two white glass mugs sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
White Carnival Glass
a glass plate sitting on top of a metal stand
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Carnival glass....eeep