“...people quote proverbs without realizing they're really in awe of the authority of their truth and the power of their expression...” ― John Geddes, A…
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a blue and white quote with the words little by little, the bird makes his nest
Haitian Wisdom ‘s quote about Little, steps. Little by little the bird…
a quote that says, a large chair does not make a king
Or Queen... KNOW THAT!!! Although many will think it will...
the bitter heart eats its owner by bantu proverbo on curiator
a quote that reads, all truths are not to be told portuguese provet
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a quote from ethiopian prove that reads, one who plants grapes by the road side and one who marches a pretty woman share the same problem
#Wise_Sayings, African Saying #Ethiopian_Proverb
a quote that reads, surround yourself with dwarfs does not make you a giant
"Surrounding yourself with dwarves does not make you a giant."--Yiddish Proverb #funnysayings #quotes #wordsofwisdom #yiddishproverbs #signsofthetimms #humility #treatothersbetter